Why should trademarks and distinctive signed be registered?

Distinctive signs are the most valuable assets of a company. They are in great risk not to register or protect them, because interested third parties may want to take over your signs through their registration.

Does trademark registration in Colombia, protect brands worldwide?

No. Trademark registration in Colombia, only protects the sign within the Colombian territory. If your wish or want to export your products to another country, it is advisable to register your signs in any such country.

Why should I protect my equity?

Daily course of business gives rise to legal and financial risks. If you want to develop a commercial or professional activity, it is advisable to separate your personal equity for your commercial or professional activity.


Which are the advantages of incorporating a Simplified Stock Company?

The following are some of the advantages of the Simplified Stock Company in Colombia:


  • One single stock holder, either individual or juristic person.
  • Freedom concerning ruling bodies of the company.
  • Incorporation or transformation though private documents.
  • Freedom concerning creation of stock.
  • Freedom concerning the company’s by-laws.


Which aspects should I take into account before an incorporating a company?

When a company is incorporated you must analyze first each particular case. Companies should be customized to the needs of stockholders and they should not be the mere transcript of by-laws.

Must I carry accounting books?

All businessmen pursuant to the provisions of the Code of Commerce are obliged to carry accounting books of their business, either as an individual or juristic person.

Which are the obligations or duties of a company concerning its employees?

When you hire an employee, either as an individual or juristic person, you also acquire a series of obligations. You must check your particular circumstances in order to determine exactly which are your obligations, because it depends on the number of employees or their salaries.

A foreign corporation can be a stockholder of a Colombian corporation?

Yes. It must verify and comply with all standards concerning foreign investment and capital registration.


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